Mandate / Mission Statement

Synonym Art Consultation is a curatorial collective based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, committed to providing meaningful employment and mentorship opportunities to artists and to facilitate the celebration of art and culture with unique, inclusive, community-minded events that serve as safer spaces for diverse populations. Through our mural and culture festival, Wall-to-Wall, we strive to cultivate a grassroots contemporary street art movement in our city and to participate in hyperlocal and international dialogues around important issues, such as Indigenous rights and socially-responsible, innovative economic development, rooted in the arts. 







 Background / Major Achievements

Since its inception and first curated group exhibition in late 2012, Synonym Art Consultation has curated and facilitated over 75 different art installations and events in various venues across the city, always with the goal of making contemporary art more accessible to the public. This goal was originally achieved through art consultation services in the hospitality sector. By providing local restaurants, hair salons, bars and shops with quarterly rotating art collections and by launching each with a custom-designed event, we enabled the public to interact with local contemporary art in a whole new way. This model also provided more opportunities for emerging artists to not only display, but to sell their work and make a living income.

As our passion to make art more accessible to the public grew, so did our projects. We moved from hospitality art consultation to more community-based projects, primarily out of the then up-and-coming neighbourhood of West Broadway. Our current cultural hub is The Tallest Poppy, where we have established monthly events that serve as an afterparty for First Friday art openings in our city. These events are often tied into and complement our other monthly endeavour, The Tallest Poppy Residency Program. This residency offers local and international artists the opportunity to create site-specific art projects and to interact with patrons in the restaurant, bridging the gap between maker and audience and to open a dialogue regarding the role of art and artists in the public sphere.

Our most ambitious undertaking to date is our annual mural and culture festival, Wall-to-Wall, which takes place in Winnipeg every year for the entire month of September. Since its inaugural year in 2014, it has seen the creation of multiple indoor and outdoor pieces of contemporary street art across the city and has celebrated each new work with distinctive events.



Beyond our core team, we have countless artists, volunteers, temporary staff, funders, and organizations that make our work possible. A huge thank you to everyone involved!! xoxo


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