Hospitality and Retail 

This is where we started Synonym and we simply love doing it.  Be sure to scroll down for our many projects!

Pizza Express

This hand-painted mural is just so perfect in this brand new space! Family owned pizza shop, Pizza Express, had a dream of an immersive mural and artist Jonato Dalayoan delivered!

"The intent for this project was to create a design that would represent a new chapter for this family run business and give their space a bold, energetic and contemporary feel. Incorporating elements from their brand and their proud Greek heritage was a priority to ensure that it connected to the owners, staff and customers walking in. One of my favourite parts of the mural is the painted type “Fáe, pei mou” which is Greek for “Eat, my children”. A phrase the owner’s Grandmother use to say to tell the kids to eat. I originally requested a max 5 letter Greek word that we could paint big and bold, but once I heard the meaning and personal connection to the phrase they suggested, I knew" 

- Jonato Dalayoan


When we were approached by Earls Canada we knew we would learn so much about their design process and we were right! We worked extremely close with their designers to get the artwork that would reflect their vision. From a custom mural, to commissioned framed artworks, it was an amazing project to support local artists during a pandemic.

Mural "All Meaningful Action For the Sake of Friendship" by Bramwell Enan with assistance by Brianna Wentz and Laura Lewis

Painting by J.R Harper  + Photograph by Ally Gonzalo

The Parlour Wall

Located in the dining room.

Parlour Wall Artists

Faith Robert, Ten Yetmen, Matea Radic + Toby Gillies, Bramwell Enan, Glodi Bahati, Gibril Bangura + The Lytics, Bear Face Collective, Marla Guerriero, Ally Gonzalo

Logistics Team

We want to thank our framers and installers for making the vision reality! Framing is all museum grade with security hardware and designed to fit each piece perfectly.

Bevvy Teyems Framers, Wood Things Framing and Walleye Art Services

The Forks South Isle

Jordan Stranger's mural series that brings Winnipeg's living room to life.

Surplus Market

Our friends at Grape Experiential created a pop-up vintage market located in The Bay. Joseph Pilapil and Jan Castillo combined their design skills of lettering, illustration and knowledge of fashion to recreate the Converse X Bay shoe. This mural acted as a backdrop for their hype opening event and now lives on site as a photo-op.  


We had the ABSOLUTE pleasure of working with design heroes Fireside Design Build to get some custom art for Winnipeg’s latest brunch spot. After talking through their vision, we knew Hanna Reimer would be a wonderful fit. These gorgeous silk screen prints are up in this new space and we couldn’t be more in love with all the textures. 

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