Synonym Art Consultation is a curatorial collective based in Winnipeg, Manitoba on the original lands of the Anishinabe, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota and Dene peoples and on the homeland of the Metis nation. Through unique, inclusive and community-minded events, as well as our mural and culture festival – Wall-to-Wall, Synonym strives to cultivate a grassroots contemporary street-art movement in our city and to participate in hyperlocal and international dialogues around important issues, such as social responsibility, and innovative economic development, rooted in the arts.

Synonym Art Consultation believes that public art is best realized by centering and reflecting the diverse needs and dreams of the community. Synonym commits to meaningful collaboration that recognizes community assets and systemic barriers, is open, inclusive, accessible, and sustainable when undertaking public art initiatives.

Synonym also recognizes that the development of public art must foster the creative development, agency, and well-being of artists. Synonym commits to fostering artists in creative expression that reflects the needs of the community and maintains our organization’s zero-tolerance policy for racism, ageism, sexism, homophobia, queerphobia, transphobia, transmisogyny, whorephobia, ableism, classism, sizeism, sex-negativity, cultural appropriation or any other conduct that may perpetuate oppression.

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