Jonato Dalayoan

Production Team

As a Graphic Designer, Jonato Dalayoan has been blessed with the opportunity to work in great studios with great people. From working on award winning creative to projects that support great causes, he puts the same passion and purpose into the process and the product. After 15 years of working in the graphic design industry, Jonato established his own practice 4two Design Inc., with a goal to find the balance between his career and personal artwork. 

From nature's elements and landscapes, past and present trends, labels on soup cans, to the radio's top 10, Jonato finds inspiration and potential in everything and everyone. His pieces are created with the intention to connect and appeal to the masses, using conceptual and appealing visual elements. 
Jonato's mandate is simple: do great work for great people while contribute positively to society using his talent and skills.

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