The Kaptain

Kapanaise Thiebaut - more commonly known as The Kaptain - is an Anishinabe and Inuk Two-Spirit artist and DJ.  

Born in ‘98, The Kaptain’s experience of 2000 is that of a Britney-obsessed toddler. Still, early aughts culture, with all its gratifying glitz, majorly shaped their on-stage style.

The Kaptain first started DJing at 16 after taking a workshop with the one and only Mama Cutsworth. From here, they started playing raves, first performing under the name “Psychedelic Fairy.” 

Over the course of a few short years, they learned the ins and outs of the industry, shifted away from raves, and underwent a game-changing rebrand—ultimately emerging with a more authentic moniker. 

 As The Kaptain, they boast a new-found confidence, commanding the dance floor and promising smooth sailing throughout the night.

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