Twenty years after the release of his first album, Factor Chandelier has created Time Invested II, a nostalgic and energetic compilation reminiscent of how his music career started. With the intent of creating something inspiring for a younger self, the producer collaborated with his heroes, long-time friends and contemporaries to create a work of 16 songs. Time Invested II features a mix of artists that include tour mates, frequent collaborators and friends with whom Factor Chandelier shares undeniable creative bonds. The release of the album aligns with his 40th birthday and somehow still feels like this might just be the beginning. After some challenges during the pandemic including a studio flood and cancelled tours, Factor Chandelier drew inspiration from the support of fans, family and friends to get back into the studio. Factor used this new energy to continue evolving his music with hints of sounds pulled from his vast catalogue to create his most expansive production to date. Time Invested II weaves sonically through genres while remaining rooted in hip hop, leading to moments of down tempo and trip-hop amidst electronic soundscapes and hard, underground beats. Factor Chandelier has been able to creatively evolve his sound with the ever- changing musical climate, showcasing originality, diversity and one-of-a-kind production.

Factor Chandelier's production has garnered international acclaim from Hip-Hop DX, Pop Matters, RESPECT Magazine, Exclaim! and Vice; Factor Chandelier was named Hip Hop Artist of the Year at the WCMA and 2x SMAs. He has collaborated with Myka 9 fromFreestyle Fellowship, Open Mike Eagle, Eligh, Sunspot Jonz and Luckiam of the Living Legends, Ceschi, Moka Only, Evil Ebenezer, AWOL One with Xzibit, Tha Liks, Aesop Rock, Buck 65, Ahmad, Def3, Abstract Rude and countless others. His music has been heard in movies and advertisements including Cadillac, Oakley (Action Bronson narration), Adidas, i-D, Gopro,Volcom, MTV, Wolfcop(2) and many more. From his commercial work to the records he crafts for artists, Factor Chandelier’s production combines smooth melodic moods with live instruments over seemingly effortless arrangements and immaculate drums to create a distinct sound. His work and signature sound have earned him a reputation as one of undergroundmusic’s favorite producers.

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