Homes, apartments, condos, fitness centres- we have you covered! Be sure to scroll down to see some of our past projects.

The Arts Residences: Hallways

Artists: Jordan Stranger, Jonato Dalayoan, Senkoe

We commissioned and installed artwork in the communal hallways of each of the thirteen floors of the new residential development by Hazelview Properties at 233 Kennedy St.

Jordan Stranger was the Curatorial Lead for the art inside the hallways of The Arts Residences. One of his painted canvases are found at the end of each hallway, complemented by a printed mural created by Jonato Dalayoan and Senkoe greeting you as you exit the elevator on each floor. Through knowledge-sharing and collaboration, each of the thirteen floors hosts a pairing of art that represents one of the moons described in the Ojibwe Lunar calendar.

“This project was made with the intention of utilizing and reviving the traditional ways and teachings of the Ojibwe Lunar Calendar. Through the moon's lessons, it reminds us of who we are, so we can all become better people. As these paintings work together in harmony, I hope we can all do the same. Many thanks to all artists and people involved in making this amazing project possible.”
– Jordan Stranger

The printed murals were created through an international, digital collaboration between Mexican street artist Senkoe and local designer Jonato Dalayoan. The works were printed on vinyl and installed, like wallpaper, by Signex Manufacturing Inc.

The Arts Residences: Fitness Centre

Artist: Nereo II

This printed mural brings much needed vibrancy and colour to a shared gym for the residents of 233 Kennedy St. The work was designed by Nereo II and printed and installed by Signex.

"It is a little subliminal and works slightly like that of a magic magic eye. Within the chaos of colourful shapes there is some order here, and with luck you might be able to make out the word “ART” - Nereo II

Alston Properties Fitness Centre

Artists: Jan Castillo, Joseph Pilapil

This mural was painted in the communal fitness centre in the basement of Alston's residential development at 433 Main St. The contemporary design was conceived by Jan Castillo and he executed the mural with the assistance of Joseph Pilapil. The design is intended to help motivate residents to push through their workouts and achieve their fitness goals.

"It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop"  - Confucius

Harris Builders Condo

Artists: Ekene Maduka, Dee Barsy, Laura Payne

We loaned and installed these three works of art to local company Harris Builders, in order to stage a newly remodelled show condominium. The artworks were also made available to be sold with the unit, as an additional service to buyers, sellers, and realtors.

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