an ongoing project curated by nestor wynrush

The Live Mixtape is a combination mentorship, performance and process project. It's about combining elements and artists that have seldom or not worked together before in hopes of them creating a new work. This project is curated and facilitated by Nestor Wynrush.

"...Choosing love, and beginning with love as the ethical foundation for politics, that we are best positioned to transform society in ways that enhance the collective good.”   -  bell hooks, Outlaws Culture

The event is about creation, mentorship and building a broader network amongst artists with varying levels of experience and genres.   It is inspired by the words of bell hooks and Louis Riel. What is the role of the artists when it comes to community?  How can we affect change? How can we encourage conversation? Love as a verb is the only action containing unwilting patience, dedication, care, joy, vulnerability, intimacy, grief, honesty and hope that organically compels a reaction.  Live Mixtape is about the performers as the conduits and prisms of that verb's many shades.   

This is the second iteration of this event.  On a hot July evening in 2018, at a sold out venue, over 20 artists met and performed 7 original songs exploring the idea of "Home". 6 of the 7 songs existed only for that night.  One was revisited, then recorded and professionally released by two artists that had never worked together previous to that evening ( Len Bowen & E.GG). It also led to an artist working with a label he would have never worked with unless he was a part of the Live Mixtape project.  Check some pics of the 2018 event at the link below as it was Co-hosted by CBC Radio, After Dark's Odario Williams

rehearsals at the winnipeg art gallery 2022

photos by bnb studios 

final performance at the west end cultural centre 2022

photos by calvin lee joseph

"Embracing a love ethic means that we utilize all the dimensions of love—“care, commitment, trust, responsibility, respect, and knowledge”—in our everyday lives. We can successfully do this only by cultivating awareness. Being aware enables us to critically examine our actions to see what is needed so that we can give care, be responsible, show respect, and indicate a willingness to learn."

hooks, bell. All About Love (Love Song to the Nation) (p. 126). William Morrow Paperbacks. 


the tallest poppy 2018 

photos by calvin lee joseph

the tallest poppy 2018

photos by emily christie

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manitoba arts council / winnipeg art gallery / 
west end cultural centre / manitoba music

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