Born and raised in the three Canadian prairies provinces, I am Métis with rust on my bone and maple syrup in my veins. I come from a lineage of artists and found my way to visual art from my love of graffiti; in particular, my love of freight train graffiti. I came to love music at an early age and was enamoured by hip hop in the late 80’s. Early on, my participation in hip hop with respect to rap music was as a fan, and in particular a fan of west coast underground rap, and later as a DJ. I have always been fascinated by the components and construction of music but felt it was not something I could create.  During the pandemic I took advantage of some down time and learned to use my laptop in conjunction with an MPC I was gifted. In the summer of 2021, I digested as much information I could about making beats with the tools available to me.  I released my first album in August 2022 in collaboration with my favorite underground rappers.

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